About Us

At times it gets difficult for house owners to find the best washing or painting service for their house, even if you find one, they would probably charge you huge money. You can draw an end to all such issues with Martin painting. Whether it is about perfecting washing service or professional painting at the house, we are prepared and would be more than happy to serve your needs throughout the entire Ennis Co. Clare.

What made our service so successful?

We have been in this business for more than 14 years and it is about a decade now that we are serving the needs of the house owners in Ireland. Over the years, we have been able to satisfy the customers with our service and all this have become possible because of the excellent team of professionals that we have. They are trained and experienced to cater to your needs irrespective of residential or commercial properties.
We have experienced painters, decorators etc. who can turn your house completely new and fresh at reasonable pricing. More so, we are fully equipped with professional equipment and tools and instruments that make the job convenient and less time-consuming for us.

Facts that distinguish our service

  • We have vast experience of serving painting and cleaning needs of house owners
  • We serve both residential and commercial properties
  • We have an experienced team of skilled professionals with years of experience
  • We are equipped with modern instruments and tools
  • We provide high quality service at lower price