Q. When can I expect my estimation?

Ans. We normally provide the estimation after the on-site evaluation is done. Without this we will not be able to prepare the estimate. Our estimation includes all the charges including materials and labor.

Q. When the work will begin?

Ans.It doesn’t take more than two weeks. Once the estimation is done, and all the color selection process is done, we sign a contract. And when all the things are done properly, the project will start.

Q. How soon can you finish the job?

Ans. This completely depends on total work to be done. There is no specific time for finish though we will mention the end time in our contract based on our on-site survey.

Q.Are you licensed?

Ans.Yes, Martin-Painting is a licensed service provider.

Q. How will the paint be applied?

Ans. Well, this largely depends on the surface that is being painted. But a combination of brush and roll is mostly used on the walls and ceilings. However, spray is also used for a better finish in various areas.