Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy is our prime concern! Here at Martin Painting, we are very much concerned about protecting the privacy of the customers and that’s the reason we have designed our Privacy Policy keeping all the requirements in mind. The policy also abides by the lawful acts and amendments made by local government.
The policy also explains how the confidential data from the customers is collected and how we use, maintain and protect the data for the sole interest of the customers. Viewers are requested to go through our privacy policy carefully in order to understand the privacy norms that we practice.

What you need to provide

We need some personal data from the customers just for the sake of improving the service and understanding the present types of requirements and trends in the market. We do not use cookies to gather such details. We have forms attached in the website and all the personal details are provided by the individuals voluntarily.
We need information like the name, address, contact no., email id etc. and with the help of these details we try to provide customized solutions to the customers and it also helps us to understand the specific needs.

Use and Maintenance of the data

We use the details for the improvement of the service and in any conditions those details are not used for any promotional purposes. Only we have the access to the details and under any situation that is not shared with any third party for promotional purposes. We also do not disclose the data to unauthorized officials.
Below are some of the practices that we follow during the collection and maintenance of the data:

  • Before collecting the data we identify the purposes which the details are being collected for
  • The details are collected solely for the fulfillment of the purposes specified by us or for others compatible purposes.
  • All the personal information that we collect are only retain till it is necessary for use and after that it is removed from the database.
  • The details are collected by lawful and fair means with the appropriate knowledge of the individual
  • The data is stored in our secured database and we protect the data with malware scanning on regular basis.

We, Martin Painting, are always concerned about make you avail the best service all the time and at the same time, we are concerned about the customer safety as well. We practice the best policy to protect and maintain customer details that you provide voluntarily.